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Date or no date, show your hair some love with these tips

by Dr. Ankur Sarin 12 Jun 2023
Date or no date, show your hair some love with these tips

Save yourself from hair damage by following these simple and effective everyday tips, and stop worrying about last-minute hacks. Valentine’s Day is that time of the year when it’s all about love! And that includes falling in love with your hair. We don’t mean that you need to rely on expensive salon treatments to achieve a gorgeous mane. A simple trip around the house will get you the ingredients you need to let your hair down (pun-unintended) this season. As we expose our hair to multiple brush strokes, heat-based devices, chemical modifications, and more that lead to hair damage, here’s everything we need to know to prevent its long-term effect on our hair.
Our sweat glands are natural oils needed for hair health and over time, sweat production decreases. Thus, we need an external oil application to do the job of coating the hair shaft and what better than coconut-based hair oil for this? It is rich in a straight chain, small size triglyceride molecules which penetrate deeper inside the hair strands and fill the internal cavities, making hair stronger from within.

What causes hair damage?
Everyone’s hair is different, and lots of factors can influence the quality and density of hair. Genetics is the major determining factor. With age, the hair growth pattern and the quality of hair change. This results from a cumulative effect of hormonal actions, stress, and nutritional habits of the individual, and external factors such as hair care practices, pollution, and sun exposure.

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