Hair Loss Treatment

One of the most exciting advances in aesthetic treatments today is the use of growth factor For Hair Loss for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia, more commonly known as “male pattern baldness” or hair loss on the scalp. Growth factor for hair loss utilizes your own platelets to deliver growth factors into dormant follicles which are said to restart follicular growth and/or transition dormant follicles into an active state.

PRP For Hair Loss

What is Medi Facial?

What Is Growth Factor For Hair Loss?

Growth factors and other bioactive proteins stimulate growth in hair follicles. The growth factors found serve as a safe, natural, and effective option for hair restoration in both men and women. Growth factors harnesses your body’s natural healing and growth-promoting abilities to encourage hair growth.

What Is the Treatment Protocol?

We recommend a total of 4 treatments, performed 1 per month for 4 months followed by maintenance treatments every 4-6 months. We monitor your success with pre-treatment photos and your response to therapy. The clinical studies completed by manufacturers of growth factor equipment recommend waiting 6 months after your 4th treatment to realize the full efficacy of the procedure.

What Can You Expect During Treatment?

Growth factor Hair Growth Treatments are simple in-office treatments that last about 45 minutes and typically require no downtime. A quick blood draw will allow us to isolate your own plasma using a centrifuge that spins the blood to separate out the growth factors. The growth factor is separated out, transferred into a small syringe, and then lightly injected back into the areas where baldness or thinning are occurring.

What Can You Expect After Treatment?

Aftercare instructions will be provided to you but you can go about your day as you normally would. No one will know you just had growth factor therapy! You can generally wash and style your hair within 24-hours of treatment, but you should follow the specific aftercare instructions that will be given to you by your provider. Y-cell Bio is US-FDA-approved GROWTH FACTOR equipment intended for the safe and rapid preparation of autologous growth factor from a small sample of blood at the patient’s point of care.