Pigmentation & Blemishes

If you are bothered about the appearance of unwanted dark spots on your skin, there has never been a better time trying to treat it. With technology becoming integral part of dermatology, A gazillion options available to treat your pigmentation.

It all starts with an increased production of melanin (Coloured pigment in the skin) that gives uneven skin tone.

Not every pigmentation can be treated in the same way. Before treating you, your dermatologist at Sarin Skin will make a diagnosis for you. Some common pigmentary conditions include – melasma, freckles, Lentigines, Pigmentary demarcation lines, Photo melanosis, acanthosis nigricans, Allergies, etc.

While Sun protection is fundamental in the treatment of any pigmentary condition, Our Dermatologist will also prescribe you appropriate De-pigmenting products depending on your concern on your skin type.

What do we offer to treat pigmentation at Sarin Skin Solutions?

The following treatment options are available for treating pigmentation –

  1. Chemical peels  a series of closely monitored peeling sessions will promote riddance from pigmentation by rapid exfoliation and alleviating the pigment producing capacity of the skin cells.
  2. Lasers – some kinds of pigmentation respond well to anti-pigment laser. We offer Q-swithced Nd:YAG laser for the same. The laser works by knocking off the existing pigment in the cells. Fractional carbon-di-oxide laser is sometimes brought in for rapid elimination of pigment.
  3. DermaPen 4 Therapy – a patented Australian device, this therapy involves microneedling with delivery of patented serums that have pigment reducing capacity. This is followed by hyaluronic acid mask application and massaging, followed by application of powerful anti-oxidants on the skin that reduce melanin pigment.
  4. Mesotherpy – This therapy involves delivery of pigment lightening agents such as tranexamic acid, glutathione or cocktail of pigment-reducing agents in the deeper layers of the skin.
  5. Medifacials – Our Signature Anti-pigment therapy is a star medifacial and a people’s favorite at Sarin Skin. The other medi-facials that target pigmentation include Oxygeneo medifacial, Hydratouch medifacial and Hydrafacial.
  6. Injectable Glutathione – an anti-oxidant by nature, glutathione has skin-lightening properties. A go-to treatment option for brides, IV Glutathione works by reducing the colour production in skin cells.