Facial Rejuvenation Medifacials

What are Medi-facials?

The facial skin is a tough barrier. Nothing penetrates it easily. Getting a regular facial might seem like a means to unwind, pamper yourself and maybe peel up a tired complexion, it is doing no long-lasting good to your skin.
Come in Medi-facials. They employ different medical technologies like lasers, radio-frequency, electro-poration, LED technology, Hydra facial probe, ultrasonography, micro needling et cetera to allow better exfoliation, penetration of skin care actives, stimulate collagen and improve blood circulation.
An amalgamation of clinical skincare and advanced technologies, the Medi-facials are deployed to address a variety of skin concerns such as acne, acne marks, dullness, tanning, uneven skin tone, blemishes, impaired texture, aging, and much more.
These rejuvenation procedures are performed by trained professionals with the intervention of our dermatologist, where necessary.

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Why choose Medi-facials at our Clinic?

While you can definitely give yourself a spa-worthy treatment at home (and by all means, we definitely recommend making it a Sunday afternoon tradition), nothing is going to come close to the skill, expertise, and quality you’ll receive from a trained professional here at Sarin Skin.
Unlike standard facials, Medi-facials at Sarin Skin promote the overall dynamics and functioning of the skin. With a lot of us seeking value-for-money (and time) skin-care treatments, Sarin Skin Medi-Facials are curated with scientifically proven skincare ingredients and the most autFacial-Rejuvenation-Medifacials-img

Facial Rejuvenation Medifacials to choose from –

  • Sarin Skin Signature MediFacial for Acne-prone skin
  • Sarin Skin Signature Anti-Ageing MediFacial
  • Sarin Skin Signature MediFacial for Pigmentation
  • Hydrafacial
  • HydraTouch Medifacial
  • Vampire facial
  • Laser Photofacial
  • Skin polishing
  • Oxygen Medifacial
  • Cosmaceutical infusion facial
  • Radiance Mesotherapy