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Breaking Down the Myths: Common Misconceptions About Moisturisers

by Hemant Shah 16 Feb 2024

Moisturisers are the unsung heroes of skincare, playing a vital role in maintaining healthy, glowing skin. However, amidst the myriad of skincare advice circulating, there exists a multitude of common misconceptions about moisturisers that need to be dispelled. 

We have mentioned some known moisturiser myths and undeniable moisturiser skincare truths. As we navigate through the misconceptions, we will emphasise the crucial role moisturisers play in skincare routines and help you make informed choices for your skin's well-being. 

Let's look into the journey to demystify the world of moisturisers and embrace the facts that underpin their significance.

Moisturisers Cause Oily Skin

It's a common belief that applying moisturisers can lead to excess oil production and make the skin greasier. This myth often deters people with oily skin from using moisturisers.

Contrary to this belief, moisturisers play a crucial role in regulating the skin's oil production. The skin may overcompensate by creating extra oil when it is dehydrated. A good moisturiser helps maintain the skin's natural balance.

Scientific studies reveal that properly formulated moisturisers can improve skin hydration without causing excess oiliness. They contain ingredients like humectants that attract and retain moisture in the skin.

The key is choosing the right moisturiser for your specific skin type. Opt for oil-free or non-comedogenic moisturisers if you have oily skin. These products won't clog pores and will keep your skin hydrated without causing breakouts. Don't let this myth keep you from the benefits of moisturising your skin effectively.

Moisturisers Aren't Necessary for Oily Skin

A common misconception is that if you have oily skin, you can skip moisturisers altogether. It's believed that your skin is naturally hydrated due to excess oil production.

Moisturisers are essential for every skin type, including oily skin. They help maintain skin's health, support its protective barrier, and prevent dehydration. Even oily skin needs hydration, and skipping moisturiser can lead to imbalances.

To cater to oily skin, opt for lightweight, non-comedogenic moisturisers. These won't clog pores or make your skin greasy, providing the necessary hydration without exacerbating oiliness.

Consider water-based or gel-based moisturisers, apply them sparingly, and focus on hydrating serums. Also, using oil-free and mattifying products can help you strike the right balance and keep your skin looking fresh without breakouts. Don't deprive your oily skin of the moisture it needs to thrive.

Moisturisers Can Erase Wrinkles

One prevalent myth is that moisturisers can work magic on wrinkles, effectively erasing the signs of ageing. This oversimplification often leads to unrealistic expectations from moisturising products.

Moisturisers are indeed vital for hydrating the skin, which can improve the appearance of fine lines. They create a protective barrier, reducing water loss and enhancing skin elasticity, but they can't erase wrinkles completely.

Effective anti-aging ingredients like retinol and hyaluronic acid play a significant role in addressing wrinkles. These ingredients stimulate collagen production, promote skin renewal, and plump the skin, visibly reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

To combat wrinkles effectively, integrate moisturisers into a comprehensive skincare routine that includes sunscreen, serums, and targeted anti-aging products. Moisturisers alone are not a one-size-fits-all solution for wrinkle erasure.

Moisturisers Can Cure Skin Conditions

It's a widely held misconception that moisturisers possess the magical ability to cure skin conditions. Many believe these creams can single-handedly combat issues like eczema or acne.

Moisturisers, while crucial, have their limits. They can offer relief from dryness and irritation, but they cannot address the root causes of skin conditions. Treating these ailments requires a more comprehensive approach.

For precise and effective solutions, consulting a dermatologist is essential. They can diagnose the condition accurately and provide tailored treatments, which may include medicated creams and other specialised approaches.

When dealing with skin conditions, moisturisers can still play a supportive role. Select gentle, fragrance-free options and apply them as directed by your dermatologist. They help alleviate discomfort and maintain skin health while adhering to your comprehensive treatment plan.

Moisturisers Can Cure Skin Conditions

A common misconception is that moisturisers have the power to single-handedly cure skin conditions such as eczema or acne. This notion oversimplifies the complex nature of these issues.

While moisturisers play a crucial role in alleviating some symptoms, they cannot cure underlying skin conditions. Skin conditions often require targeted treatments, and relying solely on moisturisers may lead to inadequate care.

Consulting a dermatologist is imperative for the effective management of skin conditions. They can provide tailored treatments and recommendations based on the specific nature of the condition.

Moisturisers can complement prescribed treatments and help soothe dryness and irritation associated with skin conditions. It's important to choose moisturisers that are compatible with your treatment plan and to follow your dermatologist's advice for a holistic approach to managing skin conditions.


The mysteries surrounding moisturisers, debunking myths like their capacity to reverse time has been revealed. Remember, moisturisers are your skin's allies, not miracle workers. 

They're an essential element of skincare, but not the sole solution. Seek guidance from experts, embrace a holistic skincare routine, and watch your skin glow with health and vitality. 

Dispelling moisturiser myths is the key to unlocking the door to radiant, healthy skin.

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