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Experts Comment On Red Light Therapy Devices

by Dr. Ankur Sarin 04 Apr 2023
Experts Comment On Red Light Therapy Devices
Beauty tools have had a bit of a PR problem in the past. While some believe that you don’t really need them, many do splurge on gadgets that claim to give you a facial at home. More than a facial actually; these tools now boast of reparative results that can only be acquired at the dermatologist’s office, after you have subscribed to a proper treatment plan. Remember, the skin takes longer than the span of a face mask to get healthy. This is why face tools, which also are supposed to work on your skin slow and steady, make worthy investments. And the beauty industry delivers innovative tools that are accessible and often even affordable. Take red light therapy devices for instance. The almost scary-looking masks were first popularised by celebrities like Nina Dobrev and Gwyneth Paltrow. Since then, more compact versions of red light therapy devices have hit the market and are on their way to becoming a household name. Here’s what experts have to about the trendy gadgets!
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