Curious about facial masks? Here’s what you need to know

Beauty tips: Curious about facial masks? Here’s what you need to know With the growing interest among Indians about face masks and their benefits, skincare masks made of diverse ingredients have flooded the country’s beauty market. Mid-Day Online spoke to expert dermatologists who explain the types, usage and benefits of commonly available face masks...
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Experts Comment On Red Light Therapy Devices

Beauty tools have had a bit of a PR problem in the past. While some believe that you don’t really need them, many do splurge on gadgets that claim to give you a facial at home. More than a facial actually; these tools now boast of reparative results that can only be acquired at...
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Instagram skincare is a rabbit hole and a booming industry of bogus claims

New Delhi: If the promise of clear skin and eternal youth is the bait, then social media is the hook that lures millions to experiment with skincare. Instagram is a gallery of beautifully packaged jars, bottles, and tubes of skincare ‘essentials’ — serums, exfoliators, night creams, day creams, toners, moisturisers, face masks, pore minimisers, cleansers,...
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