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Interview: Dr. Ankur Sarin and Dr. Jushya Sarin, Founders of Sarin Skin Solutions

by Sarin Skin 17 Jan 2023
Interview: Dr. Ankur Sarin and Dr. Jushya Sarin, Founders of Sarin Skin Solutions

Interview with Dr. Ankur Sarin and Dr. Jushya Sarin, Founders of Sarin Skin Solutions

Dr. Ankur Sarin, is a dermatologist, hair transplant surgeon, and trained skin specialist under world-renowned hair transplant surgeons in Tehran, Iran.

He completed his cosmetic and laser surgery fellowship at Ludwig-Maximilian University, Munich, Germany.

He is highly regarded for his expertise in treating stubborn skin and hair conditions such as acne, rosacea, melasma, and other types of skin discolouration, eczema, sun damage, additional chronic skin diseases, and chronic hair loss.

He is an author, researcher, and speaker. He believes that desirable skin and hair can be achieved by harnessing the benefits of medical treatments alongside holistic lifestyle choices. His integrated treatment plans are unique to individuals, catering to specific needs and goals.

Dr. Jushya Bhatia Sarin, MD, is the founder and member of Sarin Skin Solutions, a skincare hub at Defence Colony, South Delhi.

She’s passionate about making expert skincare more accessible and helping people understand that a visit to her clinic is not just for troublesome skin conditions.

Her skin care programs are tailored to the individual, with intelligent skincare complementing medical and aesthetic treatments.

With a Diploma in Allergology from the prestigious Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich, Germany, and a Fellowship in Dermato-surgery and Aesthetic medicine from Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran.

Dr. Bhatia is a thoroughly trained dermatologist with a strong scientific approach to all her treatment plans.

Tell us a little about yourself

Dr. Ankur Sarin : Education-MBBS, MD, MRC P, United Kingdom and fellowship in allergy from Ludwig Maximilian University, Germany

Dr Jushya Sarin : I come from a huge family of dermatologists based out of Indore in MP. But naturally, I was inclined towards this career and I absolutely loved how my parents led a every balanced life, juggling medicine and family life perfectly.

I completed my secondary education, MBBS and my post graduation from Medical schools in indore. Post that I underwent a training for aesthetic procedure in iran and did my diploma in allergy from Munich in Germany.

I am a strong believer of power of social media and always wanted to educate people about skin and hair care so I started my Instagram page.

Please tell us a little about your entrepreneurial journey?

Dr Ankur Sarin : We started as an online consultation platform for a charitable organisation to raise funds for Covid for medical supplies.

The initial three months of consultation fees that we collected was donated to this charitable trust. But after the end of pandemic, the consultation is kept on coming and that is how we started which was a portal to take online consultations from us and also purchase our recommended products.

The online consultation picked up big time and we started to do around 40 consultations a day. As the pandemic came to end completely, we opened our own clinic and then started catering to patients from Delhi a lot of patience who were showing us online.

Started to pour in the clinic. With time we have been investing more and more resources and money to grow our online presence and to bring on the forefront as a website with Dermatology products recommended truly by dermatologist.

Dr Jushya Sarin : I started my practice in lockdown. With no physical clinic to practice I decided to see patients online.

I collaborated with an NGO and decided to donate my entire sum of consultation fees to this NGO that supplied face masks and sanitisation kits to divide warriors.

A lot of people from my social media page took online consults and help me donate.

One of my patients from the Nilgiris told me it would be amazing if I can send him the medicines too since it’s tough for him to find.

That idea clicked my instantly.

I did this whole research, made a website on my own, given that I had no money back then to hire an agency and listed my products there.

It started worth sending 1-2 parcels to my patients in a day to now shipping internationally to all our patients.

Our followers on social media constantly asked for recommendations so I decided to revamp my website and make it easy for shoppers to choose skincare without consulting a dermatologist.

On our website, you can choose products according to your skin type, skin concern or depending on your budget.

Kindly brief us about  Sarin Skin Solutions?

Dr. Ankur Sarin : Sarin Skin solutions is our clinic based out of defence colony, New Delhi, where we offer clinical Dermatology cosmetic dermatology and hair transplant treatment at affordable cost.

What are the most common skin problems that people come to see you for?

Dr Ankur Sarin : The most important thing to prevent skin cancer is to protect from UVA and UVB radiation of the sun. This can be done with physical protection and use of sunscreen.

Dr Jushya Sarin : We deal with patients from all age groups. Right from treating paediatric population for skin issues like birthmarks, to old age, patience for all sorts of face, tightening and facelifting procedures.

Young patients for acne, pigmentation, brides and grooms for pre wedding skin and hair care and middle age people for sagging skin and loss of skin tone and texture.

A lot of people come in for regular skin consultation to maintain their healthy skin and indulge in basic skin procedures that keep their skin from deteriorating. 

People come for hair loss, acne pigmentation, hair transplant and laser-based treatments. Over the course of last few months, there has been rise in people coming for medications.

Dr Ankur Sarin : If someone has acne lifestyle change, which includes cutting down on milk and sugar containing products exercising regularly and using non-comedogenic skincare products are very important. It is a good idea to include antibiotic like clindamycin and retinol in your skin care

What are some tips for preventing skin cancer?

Dr Ankur Sarin : A patient with skin disorder might have a rash or symptoms like pain and itching on the skin.

Dr Jushya Sarin : Sun protection is number 1 step. Use a sunscreen with SPF, 50 and PA +++ indoors and outdoors. Take physical protection where possible.

Avoid tanning beds and sunbathing

Keep observing your moles and any unusual skin growth. Check up with your dermatologist if you think something is unusual.

How can people treat acne effectively?

Dr Ankur Sarin : Best natural remedies for skin problem include taking a good sleep having healthy food and exercising regularly.

Dr Jushya Sarin : There are lots of things you can do at home. Start with a gentle forming cleanser and use it twice.

A day, incorporate a light gel-based moisturiser that contains hyaluronic acid to hydrate your skin and follow it up with a non-comedogenic sunscreen.

In corporate seasons such as salicylic acid or niacinamide in your routine to reduce your oil production.

Exfoliate your skin 1-2 times a week with 15% glycolic acid. Start using a retinal that reduces oil production and buildup in your pores and is very effective in treating your acne.

Cut down on your dairy and sugar intake.

Avoid oiling your hair and avoid any kind of facial oils or massages on your face skin.

What are some signs that a person may have a skin disorder?

Dr Ankur Sarin : If people have severe allergic reaction, they should see your dermatologist and not treat them bye their own because what you might think is a swear and music reaction might actually be an infection and the treatment of both different completely

Dr Jushya Sarin : Any rash or itching on the skin is always unusual. It’s easy to know if something is abnormal in the skin because it shows.

Are there any natural remedies that you recommend for skin problems?

Dr Jushya Sarin : Fuellers earth for acne, turmeric for skin brightness and curd for hydration are all okay to use.

Whatever you wish to use, always do a patch test before applying it on the whole face 

What should people do if they have a severe allergic reaction?

Dr Jushya Sarin : Of course it’s safest to see a dermatologist near you but till that time you can use coming agents such as calamine lotion or ceramide. Best moisturiser is to repair your skin barrier that often goes for a toss in allergic reactions.

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