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Expert-approved tips to strengthen your hair

by Dr.Jushya sarin 08 Nov 2022
Expert-approved tips to strengthen your hair
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During the ongoing wedding and holiday season, many of us style our hair using dryers, straighteners, curlers, and also apply a plethora of chemicals. However, the regular use of such products can cause tremendous damage to the quality of our hair. Reiterating the same, Dr Geetika Mittal, a dermatologist, took to Instagram and wrote, “over styling can wreak havoc on the health of your hair,” as she shared some “hair strengthening tips” that will help “nourish your hair and improve follicle stimulation for improved hair growth and lesser hair loss.

“These tips are #triedandtested and #expertapproved! (sic),” she added.

*Brush your hair: The expert advised doing “100 brush strokes” a day. She explained that “brushing moves sebaceous oil gently across the surface of the scalp to enhance moisture at the root of the hair follicle.”

*Taking multivitamins: Vitamins and minerals help in adding luster and volume to the hair, making them look healthy. According to Healthline, a lack of “B vitamins, vitamin D, vitamin C, iron, and zinc may contribute to hair loss.” As such, the doctor believes that “consuming multivitamins ensures you are getting the basic daily requirement of vitamins and minerals, regardless of your diet.”

*Use medicated shampoos and conditioners: The expert warned that normal shampoo and conditioners are not extremely helpful when it comes to promoting hair growth and nourishing it. As such, she suggested opting for “sulphate-free products that contain biotin and copper peptides” that help in making the hair look thicker and promote growth.

*Wash your hair less: While some people prefer washing their hair daily, some go days without doing it. Dr Geetika suggested that washing your hair at a lesser frequency helps “maintain natural oils, which are essential for nourishing the hair.” In a similar vein, Dr Jushya Bhatia Sarin had earlier shared in an Instagram post that people with oily scalps can shampoo every day and those with dry scalps can wash them twice or thrice a week.

*Turn down the heat: We often end up using follicle-damaging products — hair dryers, flat irons, and different kinds of chemicals. However, this can “damage hair and cause breakage,” the expert said further suggesting to “use such products sparingly or not at all.”

“If you need further help to regain hair strength, you should consult an expert and find the true cause of your hair thinning and loss,” she concluded.

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