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Benefits Of Coconut-Based Skin Oil: How This Mild Oil Rejuvenates And Hydrates Your Skin | Expert Speaks

by Dr.Jushya sarin 17 Oct 2022
Benefits Of Coconut-Based Skin Oil: How This Mild Oil Rejuvenates And Hydrates Your Skin | Expert Speaks

Benefits of Coconut-Based Skin Oil: When it comes to skin and hair care, little can any product compete with the multitasking coconut-based products. While coconut-based hair and skin oil is known to have pre-grooming conditioning effects on hair, its varied components such as Vitamin E makes it an ideal agent with skincare benefits.

From the earliest recorded times, plant-based oils have been used in skincare. There is a renewed interest in coconut-based skin oil for care in recent times, both for restoring the environment of the skin-surface and in skin ailments. Coconut-based skin oil is a very able moisturizer, with head-to-head studies concluding it to be at par with, and in some cases superior to, mineral oil as an emollient. Regular application of coconut-based skin oil has found to improve skin hydration and strengthens the barrier lipids in the skin.


Benefits of coconut-based oil: Easy absorption into the skin

Its small particle size allows for easy absorption in the skin, penetrating to the deeper layers easily to provide thorough moisturizing effect to the skin. By reducing water loss from the skin, coconut-based skin oil also helps moisturize the skin for longer.

Environmental pollution, over-sanitizing in the COVID-times and the climatic changes, all have a drastic downside of drying out skin surface. Coconut-based skin oil is a simple, easily attainable and cost-effective product to tackle these side effects.

Coconut-based oil for skin: Fight infections in infants

Interestingly, the absorption of coconut-based skin oil into the skin and subsequent breakdown into Monolaurin and Lauric acid – which are known antimicrobial agents, has been observed to improve skin-barrier function in low birth-weight babies. The skin barrier function improvement leads to improved weight gain by better thermo-regulation. Thus, regular massaging with coconut-based skin oil will help fight infections in premature infants and help them keep safe.

Touted as an anti-bacterial agent, coconut-based skin oil reduces bacterial colonization in people with extremely dry skin, prone to itching and rash. Regular use of coconut-based skin oil, an inexpensive and widely available agent, on such a skin keeps it healthy, moisturized and supple.

Benefits of coconut-based oil for skin: Anti-fungal properties

In cellular studies, coconut-based skin oil has also exhibited anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. What adds to the glorious properties of coconut-based skin oil is its remarkable safety, low irritancy, non-toxic and non-sensitizing nature. With the method of double-cleansing totally in trend, coconut-based skin oil has been successfully used as the first step in removal of make-up or sunscreen before cleaning the face with a regular cleanser. It is especially gentle to eyes when removing eye-make up, hydrating the delicate area around the eye instead of stripping the natural oils like with make-up removers.

Caution is advised while using coconut-based skin oil on face for acne-prone skin, since it is a comedogenic substance. The ultra-hydrating properties of coconut-based skin oil make it an easy option as body moisturizer, lip balm and to hydrate the cuticles around the nails.

In conclusion, coconut-based skin oil has properties that protect and repair your skin barrier. It is an easily available, economical, safe and effective moisturizer for the body skin.

— Inputs by Dermatologist Dr Jushya Bhatia Sarin

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