thread lift is a specialized cosmetic procedure used to achieve a face lift without surgery. At Sarin Skin, our dermatologists have extensive expertise using this procedure to address jowls, sagging eyebrows and cheeks, and other parts of the face that could benefit from a tightening effect.

One of the reasons the ThreadLift has become so popular with our patients is that it’s minimally invasive and requires only local anesthesia, all the while producing a noticeable tightening effect. Further, the procedure typically leaves no visible scarring.

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What is ThreadLift?

ThreadLift is a minimally invasive procedure that is used to tighten sagging skin around the face and neck. The procedure utilizes small threads made out of polydioxanone (PDO); the same material used to create dissolving sutures. These very thin threads are inserted under the skin and are used to manually reposition the skin to create a tightening effect.

How ThreadLift Works

The idea behind ThreadLift is similar to a facelift but without the surgical removal of excess skin or surgical repositioning of the tissues beneath. During treatment, our dermatologist will make small puncture incisions at the treatment site.

Then, small PDO threads will be inserted under the skin by using a very thin cannula. The number of threads will depend on the specific problem being treated. For example, in order to lift sagging skin around the cheeks and jaw, your provider may utilize three, or even more, threads on each side.

One of the benefits of using more threads is that they can cover a larger area, providing a lifting effect that is more dispersed and looks more natural. After the desired amount of tightening has been achieved, the protruding ends of the threads are clipped off. The threads underneath the skin are completely invisible.

Will my Face Look Natural?

Yes! What makes ThreadLift so effective is the presence of tiny barbs that protrude along the entire length of the thread. When the thread is pulled, the soft barbs latch onto the tissues and skin, to pull on the entire area.

Because no single point sustains the brunt of the pulling, the resulting lift is very uniform, and the treatment area looks smooth and natural. Further, because the PDO threads are very soft, no one will be able to feel them under your skin.

What the ThreadLift Treats

Thread lift is primarily used to address sagging skin and loss of skin elasticity in the face and neck. We currently use this procedure to lift sagging cheeks, reduce the appearance of jowls, tighten the forehead, and lift the eyebrows.

Although this procedure can also be used to improve sagging skin in the neck, it cannot address vertical muscle bands, which require a neck lift to be removed.

Does ThreadLift Hurt?

No, the procedure is very comfortable, and typically don’t feel any discomfort due to the local anesthetic. Further, due to the decreased trauma to the skin and underlying tissues, the recovery from this treatment is much more comfortable than from a surgical facelift.

Your ThreadLift Consultation

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