Altris HD Dark Brown Non-allergic Hair Dye


Alembic Altris HD introduces a revolutionary new way of restoring hair colour – a 100% natural and chemical free HAIR HUE THERAPY.  That not just restores your colour but also protects and nourishes your hair.
100% natural, No PPD, No Ammonia, No peroxide.

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Altris HD Dark Brown Non-allergic Hair Dye

Altris HD Dark Brown Non-allergic Hair Dye restores the hair colour naturally and conditions & protects hair while providing protein nourishment to the scalp. It also controls dandruff and provides UV protection to maintain hair luster and helps regain shine & softness.

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Indigofera Trinctoria 50%, Lawsonia inermis 27%, Acacia Catechu 5%, Rubia Cordifolia 5%, Coffea Arabica 5%, Acacia Concinna 3%. Emblica Officinalis 2%, Eclipta Alba 2%, Bacopa Monnieri 1%


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