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Dry Skin

Dry Skin

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  • FCL Chemfree Spf 30 sunscreen Cream

    FCL Chemfree Spf 30 Sunscreen Cream | 50ML

    FCL Chemfree Spf 30 sunscreen is a physical sunscreen which offers broad spectrum protection against both UVA & UVB rays. Physical sunscreen, also called mineral sunscreen are considered as the safest formulation for sun protection.

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  • Perivite Under Eye Cream

    Perivite Under Eye Cream | 20g

    Perivite Under Eye Cream reduces dark circle and puffiness by improving microcirculation and dissolving ferric ions in periorbital area.

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  • Clenia Skin Rejuvenating Face Wash | 100g

    Clenia Skin Rejuvenating Face Wash | 100g

    Clenia Skin Rejuvenating Face Wash, This face wash will help you achieve the perfect detox for your face after a long day or before you head out.
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  • Cuticapil Stem Hair Serum 60ml

    Cuticapil Stem Hair Serum 60ml

    Cuticapil Stem Hair Serum is a nourishing hair serum that provides the adequate amount of nutrients to the hair and strengthens the roots of hair.

    Intensive Hair Serum
    Powered with Plant stem cells – CAPILIA LONGATM
    Re-activates the Hair growth.

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  • Tugain Twins 5 Solution

    Tugain Twins 5 Solution | Hair Loss Treatment | Male Pattern Baldness | 2*60ML

    Tugain Twins 5 Solution (60ml Each) is a medicine used to treat common hereditary hair loss. It can prevent further hair loss and help hair to re-grow. It works by increasing blood flow to the hair follicles on your scalp, which prevents hair cell death and also enhances new hair growth. It is most effective for baldness or thinning at the top of the scalp but less effective at the front or for receding hairline. Tugain Twin Solution is used to promote hair growth in men and women.

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  • Élume Antioxidant Concentrate Serum

    Élume Antioxidant Concentrate Serum

    Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin

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  • fixderma under eye

    Fixderma Triple Action Under Eye Cream for Dark Circles | Lightens Dark Circles | Dark Circle Removal Cream

    Fixderma Under Eye Cream for Dark Circles, Its triple action and unique algae-based skin tightening formula that helps reduce dark circle, puffiness, wrinkles.

    • FIXDERMA UNDER EYE: A triple-action eye cream formulated to reduce puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles around the eye area.

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  • Sebamed Q10 Lifting Eye Cream

    Sebamed Q10 Lifting Eye Cream

    • With Coenzyme Q10 to maintain elasticity and youthfulness of skin around the eye.
    • Ideal for Under Eye wrinkling and Dark Circles. Pro tip- Combine with an under eye depigmenting agent.

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  • Melokent Serum

    Melokent Serum

    • Fights blemishes and pigmentation on the spot
    • Discourages new breakouts
    • Suitable for all skin types
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  • Aveil heat shield sunscreen

    Aveil Heat Shield Sunscreen

    • Broad spectrum UVA & UVB protection
    • Protects against IR
    • Non-greasy formulation
    • Suits all skin types
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  • Vcx+ serum

    VCX+ Serum

    VCX+ should be used once daily in the morning. Sodium hyaluronate, Vitamin C, E, Ferulic acid Serum, use it as directed by the Dermatologist.

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  • Rivela sunscreen lotion

    Rivela sunscreen Lotion

    • Paraben Free
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Non-comedogenic
    • Water resistant
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