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Hair Fall

Har full doesn’t stop with just smapoos. Use the hair serum supplements to boost hair growth and provide much needed stimulation for hair growth.

Hair Fall

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  • Kerashine-Serum

    Kerashine Serum

    • Prevents progressive hair loss
    • Densifies the hair
    • Stimulates healthier hair growth
    • Regrows, thicker, fuller hair
    • Non-greasy; Non-sticky
    • Clinically proven 10 prevent hair loss

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  • Keramote Repair Conditioner

    Keramote Repair Conditioner

    • With smoothening of Murumuru Butter and BABASSU oil for natural conditioning
    • Ideal for those looking for smooth, shine and lustrous hair

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  • Keramote-Moisturizing-Shampoo

    Keramote Moisturizing Shampoo

    Extra moisturising shampoo for dry and frizzy hair.

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  • Xtra-Denser-Hair-Serum

    Xtra Denser Hair Serum

    • Xtra Denser Hair Serum helps make your hair and scalp healthy and beautiful.
    • It has anti-hair fall serum that works around the entirety of the hair follicles to prevent hair loss. Ideal for male/female patterned hair loss.
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  • Azelia-Biotin-&-Collagen-Suppliment

    Azelia Biotin & Collagen Supplements

    • Azelia Biotin Collagen Supplements helps the body to convert food into energy. It improves Thickness & Shine builds Hair. Helps Boosts skin health, Slow the Ageing of Skin & Reduces Wrinkles and Dryness.
    • Ideal combination Vitamins, Minerals & Protein. Ideal for healthy hair.
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  • Morr Pro Serum is a hair growth serum

    Morr Pro Hair Growth Serum

    • Contains hair growth boosters such as Procapil, Ginseng root extracts, soy protein, etc.

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