Instagram skincare is a rabbit hole and a booming industry of bogus claims

It starts with a ‘like’ on an influencer’s post—then come Instagram ads, Reels, and before you know it, ‘glowing’ skin becomes your bait. Only if we knew better.

New Delhi: If the promise of clear skin and eternal youth is the bait, then social media is the hook that lures millions to experiment with skincare. Instagram is a gallery of beautifully packaged jars, bottles, and tubes of skincare ‘essentials’ — serums, exfoliators, night creams, day creams, toners, moisturisers, face masks, pore minimisers, cleansers, oils and what not. It may just have mud from the Amazon, minerals from the Himalayas and seaweed from the depths of the Atlantic.

These products promise everything short of eternal youth, and who is holding them accountable? The lack of regulation and transparency in the skincare industry, exacerbated by the growth of ‘skincare solutions’ on social media, may have ruined more skins than they might have rescued.