Acne is multi-faceted. There’s usually no single explanation for why you have zits cropping up, and there’s no one-size-fits-all cure either. For some, it might be hormone related—as imbalanced testosterone and oestrogen can cause cystic pimples thanks to sebum production being in overdrive. For others, clogged pores can be the culprit. While topical skincare can go a long way in leaving you with glowing, clear skin, your nutrition levels are just as important.

That’s where 8 supplements come in. Think of them as a targeted way to fill the gap, as they help with inflammation, balancing hormones and repairing the skin. Dr Ankur Sarin, dermatologist, Lady Hardinge Medical College confirms that while severe acne is treated with medications and topical products, studies have suggests that over-the-counter supplements work as an adjunct to better the skin’s environment and improve the healing process.

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