One of the major skincare mistakes dermatologists recommends staying away from are “handy hacks” like reaching for a dab of toothpaste to banish a sudden blemish or trying to score a salon-like glow with a heavy-duty peel. We’re all guilty of falling victim to these seemingly quick fixes at some point that can cause havoc on our skin.

AVOID: Using toothpaste on spots

Dr. Ankur Sarin, MD Dermatology, Sarin Skin Solutions, says, “Toothpaste often has cooling agents like menthol, which can temporarily reduce redness and inflammation. But both the redness and inflammation will come back. In addition, toothpaste dries out the skin, impairs healing, and can lead to dark spots after the pimple heals. It is meant for teeth, a tough human tissue, and applying it on sensitive areas like an active pimple can cause dermatitis. Instead, use a salicylic acid serum which can work wonders on active pimples.”

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